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Always Non-GMO, Corn & Soy-Free, Antibiotic Free, Hormone Free, and Humanely Raised

All of our products are purchased directly through our online store by clicking on any of the red "Shop Now" buttons.  Once packed, orders can be picked up between 8am and 8pm any day of the week (including Saturday & Sunday).  If you have an urgent need, please call or text us.


We raise 100% grass fed Red Angus beef from calves born directly on our farm. Using rotational grazing, our cattle are moved to new grass each day. This high density grazing controls weeds naturally and maximizes forage growth.  Nitrogen is provided to the soil with plantings of clover and alfalfa. At no point do we ever feed grain. Additionally, we never use herbicides or pesticides on our pastures or hay fields and we never feed growth hormones or routine antibiotics in the care for our cattle. It takes us 24-30 months to raise cattle on pasture which is nearly double the time requirement of typical confinement/grain fed operations.​

We pride ourselves in the love and stewardship of the land, treating animals with respect, and raising exceptional meat. All of our 100% grass fed beef is dry aged for tenderness and increased flavor. We use a low volume, high quality butcher who cuts, vacuum packs, and flash freezes each cut separately for freshness. This packing also allows for sous vide cooking. We believe the only way to guarantee that the beef you are buying is raised on 100% grass and cared for well is to visit the farm and meet the farmer that raised it.  If you have a question about our practices, please write, call, or stop in to chat. We welcome hearing from you and would enjoy meeting you.​


What started out as a simple quest to find the highest quality pastured pork for our family led to a new farm venture.  When we couldn't find pork that was raised the way nature intended, we decided to take matters into our own hands and dedicate pasture and woodland acreage to heritage breed pigs.  Pigs are meant to live their lives on pasture, eating grass, roots, and nuts. They also receive a certified organic, non-gmo ration consisting of field peas and oats.  We do not feed corn or soy. When available, we also provide certified organic vegetables from our good friends and neighbors at Blooming Glen CSA.  It takes much longer to raise pigs this way and costs significantly more, but to us it's worth it.  This is not the lean and flavorless "other white meat".  This is real pork with beautiful marbling, a deep red color, and most importantly - FLAVOR!  We've had many customers tell us this is the best pork they've ever tasted and we couldn't agree more.  We're convinced you'll feel the same way too.

Our Story

Tussock Sedge Farm was started by Henry and Charlotte Rosenberger, nearly 30 years ago, who dreamed of creating a sustainable farm that restored and improved the local ecology. In addition to preserving land from future development, planting thousands of trees and shrubs, and creating permanent wetlands for various wildlife, they introduced 100% grass-fed Red Angus cattle, using rotational grazing and homeopathic veterinary care as the basis for how the farm operates. Over time, the land we raise animals on and grow grass hay on has increased to nearly 1,000 acres. For a pastured based farm in the suburbs of Philadelphia, this is a lot of land saved from development. We're also focused on supporting other farmers in our area, including providing a long term lease on some of our land for Blooming Glen Farm, an organic CSA style vegetable farm, helping ensure that the local community has access to high quality, nutritionally dense foods for years to come.


Henry and Charlotte’s youngest daughter Tonya, along with husband Sean, run much of the day to day farm operations, splitting time between work in the field, animal husbandry, mechanical repairs, order fulfillment, and various sales, administrative, and marketing tasks. In their former lives, Tonya was an emergency room and hospice nurse while Sean spent years in the Information Technology field doing project management and website/user interface design. Their four children ages 8, 7, 4 and 1…follow closely behind on any given day.


Our approach is simple….nurture the animals and land while treating it all with the utmost respect. Cows are ruminants by design and should never be fed grain. Pigs are one of the greatest foragers in the animal kingdom and should have their natural behaviors encouraged. Chickens are omnivores and love to eat bugs, grass and clover.  Routine antibiotics and hormones have no place on our farm, just as chemically toxic pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides are never used. We utilize a small scale, humane certified butcher who focuses on quality over quantity. Beef is dry aged to both reduce water weight and develop incredible flavor, prior to being vacuum packed and flash frozen to preserve the freshness.


Future plans for the farm include additional pastured livestock which further enhance the diversity of the land.  Pastured turkeys, goats, and sheep might round out the equation as well as many different family friendly farm events….hayrides, pumpkin patches, or a corn maze. Follow along with the journey….you never know what might happen next!




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Orders may be picked up any day of the week (including Saturdays & Sundays) between 8am and 8pm.  Please contact us if you need to pickup your order outside of these hours.




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Tussock Sedge Farm

1239 Souderton Rd (Rte 113)
Perkasie, PA 18944


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*** All of our products are purchased directly through our online store.  Once packed, orders can be picked up between 8am and 8pm any day of the week (including Saturday & Sunday).  If you have an urgent need, please call or text us. ***